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Cherub’s Haven Whitinsville Daycare & Preschool

As a parent, you want to give your infant or toddler the best start to their formal education. At Cherub’s Haven, we’re dedicated to helping families and nurturing young, confident learners.

Our Whitinsville location is a multifaceted facility for infants and toddlers. Our daycare and preschool will help your child transition into kindergarten, and we offer programs for school-aged children in grades K-7, as well.

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Early Childhood Care - Whitinsville, MA

Our Childcare & Preschool Programs

⭑ Pandas & Cubs


Infants and toddlers grow together in our Pandas & Cubs Program. Your infant will play, nap, babble, and learn to roll over and crawl under the supervision of our trained staff.

Our toddlers adhere to a curriculum that will prepare them for the next stage. Our team will guide your child and encourage their independence and communication skills. Your toddler will potty train, practice picking up their toys, and learn to share with others.

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Toddler Calendar

Infant & Toddler Newsletter

⭑ Katydids

2 yrs. 9 months – 4-year-olds

As your child approaches the age of three, it’s time to transition them into preschool. Our Katydids Program focuses on young toddlers who are between the ages of 2.9 and four. Your toddler will develop their talking and listening skills, sing, play, and learn how to communicate their feelings.

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Katydids Calendar

Katydids Newsletter

⭑ Chipmunks & Lil’ Sprouts

2 & 3-year-olds

Children need time to adjust to a large classroom before entering preschool. In our Chipmunks & Lil Sprouts Program, your child will navigate their independence among other children. Our staff will teach your child how to socialize and develop their cognitive skills in a hands-on, fun-filled environment.

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Chipmunks & Lil’ Sprouts Newsletter

Chipmunks & Lil’ Sprouts Calendar

⭑ Busy Bees

4 & 5-year-olds

Your Busy Bee is growing up, and it’s time to prepare them for kindergarten! Our Busy Bees Program strives to build your child’s confidence and get them ready for kindergarten. In this program, your child will refine their talking, listening, and socializing skills in a fun-filled environment. Your Busy Bee will also practice their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. We encourage all our children to do their best, and no accomplishment – big or small – goes unnoticed.

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Busy Bees Newsletter

Busy Bees Calendar

⭑ Owls

5 to 13-year-olds

At Cherub’s Haven, we believe love and respect foster personal growth, independence, and self-esteem. School-aged children in our Owls Program have a safe place to socialize, relax, and play before and after school. Our Owls are full of personality and enjoy lots of group time and activities under the supervision of our staff. They can also receive help with homework! We strive to provide an environment that will encourage your child to practice their independence and decision making, all while making lifelong memories in the process!

What are the Owls up to lately? Check out our monthly newsletter and calendar!

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Owls Calendar

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