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Your child will find Cherub's Haven to be a loving, safe, caring environment. Our goal is to fulfill their every need. Infants will dictate their own schedule. Toddlers will have appropriate curriculum. Toddlers will be prepared for their transition to preschool.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff will care for your child in a loving, sympathetic way. We realize that we are caring for a very important individual. Your child's every need will be thought of and taken care of.

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Preschool/Daycare (2 yrs. 9 months – 4 yrs.)

Our main goal in the Katydid room is to get the children ready for the Busy Bee room. Our curriculum covers social, academic, listening skills, and separation problems. We make sure to go at a pace that every child can keep up with, while making sure they are having fun.

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Busy Bees

Preschool/Daycare (4 & 5-year-old)

Our main goal in the Busy Bee room is to prepare the children for kindergarten with readiness skills. We strive to encourage each child to leave this room with good self esteem. Other areas we concentrate on are self-control, independence, listening, and socialization skills, as well as expanding their attention span. The children learn in a fun filled atmosphere. Our teachers always encourage each child to do the best that they can. Each child comes to us with their own little personality, and we treat each child on an individual basis. Children will learn their colors, letters, shapes, and monthly themes.

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School Age – Kindergarten – Grade 7

Cherub's Haven's philosophy is that each child deserves the love and respect that will foster self-esteem, independence, and self worth. Each child will be treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes decision making and an independent curriculum while offering relaxation and comfort. Our objective is to provide a safe place for each and every child.

Children in this age group are unique and interesting, and we make it our goal to foster each child's growth. Our staff members take into consideration the mood of the group and act accordingly. Flexibility is a must.

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Ages 2-3year olds

Our Chipmunk room is used as a transition room between our toddler and preschool programs. This time allows the children to be able to get adjusted to a larger group size. Our curriculum teaches the children self help skills while fostering independency. Social skills and cognitive skills are also touched upon.

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